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Social Seen Is A Boutique Creative Studio Specialising In Design, Web Design, Branding And Social Media Management. Whether You’re A Start-Up Local Cafe With No Direction Yet Or An Established Thriving Business. Our Services Will Enable You To Show Up On Any Social Seen. 
We're Based In Bendigo Victoria, But Also Service Melbourne, Geelong And Ballarat. And Of-Course Any Other Location Digitally.

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Branding & Design


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Social Media

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Strategy Call

Content Creator - Brand Builder - Web Site Designer - Digital Manager & everything in-between

Hollie Walton

Hey there! Welcome to Social Seen

Im Hollie - You're go to for all things Digital Marketing and Design. 

So how did i get to here? At the age of 17 I purchased a forclosed Cafe on the  Bellarine Penninsula, Victoria. With a Bad reputation,  Bad name and Low Sales.. I transformed a shipwreck of a cafe into a great business, How? Number 1 - A talented team and 2 - The power of online. Through social media marketing i made my cafe "The Place to Go" a cafe no one knew about was now the talk of the town and gained 2000 followers in 6 months. Customers would travel  from Melbourne and all over and say "I saw this on instagram" it was crazy.

I launched another business - Mobile Cocktail bar and Grazing. No location, no shop front exposure, just online. This Business took off, in 6 months we had 3000 followers, generated $100,000 plus in sales and were booking out weeks in advance, again, How? ONLINE MARKETING. 

Due to Moving, I sold up those businesses to return to my home town Bendigo, where i decided to do it all again, I purchased The Elphinstone Hotel. A country pub in a tiny town.  Everyone called me crazy, how was i going to grow a business so remote? so stuck in its style. My first focus was change, we changed everything, The Interior, The exterior, The name, The Menu, The wines. You name, it changed.  We completely  flipped the socials. Started to market ourselves as a destination, a experience and boy did it work. A country pub that employed 3/4 people  now had 10 staff, was booking out weeks in advance and hosting massive events. 

The success of my journey I owe to 3 things. 

1 - My Family - Always there supporting me.

2 - A good product - What we did, we did it well. 

3 - Online Marketing - Without an online presence my businesses would have been no where near as successful, a great team and a great product/service wouldn't have mattered, It was our online exposure that enabled us to take off. 

So in all of this i found my passion and talent for Digital Marketing, i had many businesses reach out asking for advice. I did several marketing and coaching courses, connected with other Digital Agencies and researched.. ALOT. Running a business especially online is more than a nice logo, some colour branding and pretty pictures and I get that. 

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